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Global Good News Challenge – February 2024

February 1 @ 12:00 am February 29 @ 11:30 pm AEST

Welcome! If you are sick of all the negative mainstream media, this is a way you can shift that & be a Global Good News Crusader or a Global Good News Sponsor.

Did you know that since Covid, we have had 4 times the suicide rates worldwide? Normally about 1 million people worldwide take their own lives & we believe the media & messages we receive & consume have a lot to do with that!

As Gandhi said… “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Hence, the Global Good News Challenge began in June 2020 and continues monthly.

The live video challenge on social media can be started on ANY DAY WITHIN THE MONTH that you choose & goes for as long as whatever number month it is.

So for January, being the first month, it is a 1-day live video challenge which you can do ANY DAY WITHIN THE MONTH from January 1 to 31.

February is a 2-day challenge for the 2nd month.

March is a 3-day challenge & so on…. each month building up to our final months of each year….

Each October, being the 10th month, the challenge goes for 10 consecutive days, starting from October 1. You can START your 10-day challenge ANY DAY WITHIN THE MONTH so you have up until midnight October 31 (in your time zone) to start your challenge.

November, being the 11th month, the challenge goes for 11 consecutive days, starting ANY DAY from November 1 until midnight November 30 (in your time zone) to start your challenge.
For December, it will be a 12-day challenge which can be done anytime from December 1 to 31.

The challenge is for consecutive days so if you miss a day from the relevant number of days from February to December, go back to start at Day 1 again to complete a full monthly challenge.


Do a live video on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or YouTube) for however many days the challenge goes for, depending on which month you do it.

If you do a live video on Facebook, you can do it on your personal profile or in the 😃 Speakers, Authors & Coaches Loving Life 🎤 ❤️ Facebook group, which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovinglives/

If you want to do live stream videos to different social media platforms at once, this Streamyard link will give you a $10US discount if you choose to upgrade from the free version. This is the platform Aldwyn Altuney- Media Queen- Media Queen] uses for her interviews on Media Queen TV & the Total Truth Show … https://streamyard.com/?pal=6744905652371456

Tag the Global Good News Challenge Facebook page and/ or Aldwyn Altuney in the description or comments section of your live video.

To tag, just put an @ symbol at the start & type Global Good News Challenge (eg. @Global Good News Challenge) or Aldwyn Altuney- Media Queen (eg. @Aldwyn Altuney- Media Queen) and the link should pop up to tag the page or Aldwyn. Remember to hit the LIKE button on the Global Good News Challenge Facebook page first so the tag shows up.

Use the hashtag #GlobalGoodNewsChallenge in your Facebook post description or comment on your video so we can find you easily online and share your video for FREE with thousands of our connections on the social media platform that you live stream to.

1) Your name
2) What you do
3) At least 3 things you’re grateful for and
4) At least 1 piece of good news… This could be some good news about you (how you have overcome some hardship, something you would like to acknowledge yourself for, something people don’t know about you) or good news about others (some good news you heard about in the mainstream media, saw on social media or an online news site; or celebrating good news about someone else you know).

If you want inspiration, there are many good news sites you can google for good news ideas:
Here are… The Top 12 Good News Websites To Leave You More Hopeful…
TO REGISTER IN THE GLOBAL GOOD NEWS CHALLENGE FOR FREE and if you would like to view an option of extra mentoring and support to help boost your confidence, refine your message and presentation skills on camera, check …

BONUS 1. Everyone who completes a full monthly Global Good News Challenge will be in the running for great prizes from our sponsors, including a $500 prize pack of quality phone accessories from Testapower, thanks to Jeff Testa; $780 Rapid Transformation Session with the Angelic Transformer Angelique Pellegrino Angelique Pellegrino RTT Practitioner & a $100 prize pack of Plant Tag IDs by Plant Tag ID, thanks to Margaret Briggs
Prizes will go to those who have the most likes, shares & comments on their Global Good News Challenge videos.

BONUS 2: Everyone who completes a full monthly challenge will be added to a private Global Good News Challenge Facebook group to stay elevated with more inspiration & connect with other Good News Crusaders globally

BONUS 3: Your challenge videos will also be shared to our Loving Life & Conscious Community Global Facebook groups so this is extra free marketing for you. The groups are linked in here: https://linktr.ee/aldwyn

If you have any questions, please comment below or PM us. We look forward to seeing your Global Good News Challenge & celebrating you and your life!

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