About Us

Be seen, heard & known

At AA Xpose Media, we know you want to be seen, heard, known & make a bigger difference in the world.
As a business owner, speaker or author, you want more leads, sales & the freedom to do what you want when you want.
You may have invested a lot of money in courses that don’t work or are busy spinning your wheels and not getting traction with your marketing efforts.

To do this, you need to overcome your fears and be ready to do what it takes to step up and share your products, service or message with the world.

The problem is we have been taught to be seen and not heard. We fear we will be put down, bullied or look silly in the media, which makes us feel scared to step up.

We believe you are extraordinary and are on the planet for a reason. The number one regret of the dying is living a life not true to yourself. We want you to live life fully and share the music that is in you.
We understand as we have been where you are. That’s why we show people our proven 7-step AWESOME modules in our Mass Media
Mastery system to gain free publicity in online and offline media and use organic marketing methods to build your fame, fortune, freedom & leave a legacy.

Here’s how it works… Attend our Free Publicity Secrets FREE online workshop at http://freeprsecrets.com/ and learn insider secrets from Aldwyn Altuney’s 37 years of media experience to gain free publicity easily, again and again. This will build your influence, authority and business like nothing else out there.

You can stop feeling like the world’s best-kept secret and shine like the star that you truly are!
Here’s to your media success!

Our Approach

Welcome to the exciting world of AA Xposé Media your best shot for maximum media Xposure!

We aim to make a lasting impression on you as we capture your special moments through top-class photography or videography and effectively promote you and/or your business in the media worldwide.

Look no further if you would like a public relations package that delivers results, writing/ editing work done; private or corporate videos; media training; the chance to feature in magazines; graphic design/ printing, value-added professional photography or videography packages for all occasions, same-night photos at functions with more than 100 people or a top-notch website.

Aldwyn and her team of media professionals are highly experienced in their field.
They are articulate, passionate, reliable, honest, friendly, creative, fair and adaptable to any situation.

Our Story

Our business started in 2002 as AA Xpose Photography when founder Aldwyn Altuney was working as a Journalist at the Gold Coast Sun newspapers.

She decided to start the business after having a few small car accidents driving to and from the Gold Coast to Brisbane late at night doing function photography late night at places like Brentleigh’s Theatre Restaurant and Crazies Comedy Restaurant in Brisbane.

When Aldwyn left the Gold Coast Sun in 2005, the business evolved into a fully-fledged media business, offering the wide variety of services it currently does.


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