Young grandma doubles business during Covid

Christine Innes

A YOUNG Gold Co​ast grandma has proven that anything is possible after launching ​a new business during Covid that has doubled.

Christine Innes, 45, has released a new magazine and podcast,  plus become a multi-international best-selling author in that time.

She is celebrating 2 years since the birth of her magazine as the CEO and founder of The Corporate Escapists with a special cocktail party at Marina Mirage on June 18.

Since the start of the pandemic, she has released 12 issues of her magazine, The Corporate Escapists, a podcast and featured in the multi amazon #1 best selling book Yes I Can! 16 Success Secrets from Inspiring Women Around The World in 2020 and her own compilation book, An Inspired Life – 10 Inspirational stories from women around the world who have dared to follow their passion, in February 2022.

Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics studies show that in the year leading up to February 2022, 2.1 million people left or lost a job and 1.3 million people (or 9.5% of employed people in Australia) changed jobs. This is the highest job mobility rate since 2012! 

“I’m not surprised this has happened because Covid has forced people to reassess their lives and lifestyles,” Ms. Innes said.

“This has led to many people not knowing where to go from here, feeling stuck, unsure about their future and uninspired.”

Ms. Innes said she knows exactly what this is like after leaving the corporate world in 2015 after being diagnosed with adult asthma and feeling lost for the next 5 years. She also went through a divorce after 16 years and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

“When I was in corporate for 22 years, I attached my identity with my job,” she said.

“I was on repeat – like groundhog day. Now I’m showing people what’s possible when your purpose is so big. Anyone who says you can’t do it – that’s just an excuse. I want to show people the power of stories. We forget how a certain conversation or story can impact someone’s life. When you share your story, a bit of your DNA is in someone else and the moment they need it, that’s when it’s activated.”

The Let’s Get Social second birthday of The Corporate Escapists magazine will include special guest speakers Katie Turner from Sydney, Kylie James from Canberra, Marlie Jolanda and Chantal Gerardy. 

The emcee will be Roxanne McCarty O’Kane and $20,000 will be given away over the following 2 weeks.

Some proceeds from the event will go to Asthma Australia, which supports the 2.7 million Australians or 11% of the population affected by it.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” Ms. Innes said.

“Dreams plus action equals reality. If I can do it, you can do it too!”

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