Top 10 Tips to Create Great Websites that Work

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Nik Cree

OF the 200 million websites created globally every year, most of them are useless because they do not include fundamentals of a successful website. Positive Business Online founder Nik Cree, aka The Web Master, said many websites he had seen in his 21 years of business were nothing more than an online brochure with no clear goals around the purpose of the website. “New statistics show that 547,200 new websites are created globally daily which equals 199.7 million per year,” Mr Cree said. “Most people focus on website designs so they look great without putting enough thought into what the website is actually supposed to do.” He has released his 10 top tips to create great websites that work so ‘you don’t have to’. They are:

  1. The website has one job and one job only and that is to get email addresses. Your content needs to be compelling and you need a simple, no brainer offer that leads to an opt in form where you can capture email addresses.
  2. Focus on content first and design second. The message is more important than the look. It’s about articulating what the client wants better than they can themselves.
  3. Use WordPress because you have 100% control over your website and are not reliant on proprietary website terms and conditions, which are often restricted and means you can be taken down overnight.
  4. You need a clickable phone number on the top right of every page of your website so people can easily contact you.
  5. Invest in a good page builder in your website so you have full management over the content and design so you don’t need to hire a web developer to do simple tasks.
  6. Put products and services all on their own separate page that details each of them. Don’t bunch them together on 1 page. When people are looking for solutions, they are only looking for one. This increases clarity, conversions and SEO (search engine optimisation).
  7. Put a lot of time & effort into writing your About Us page & it should be more about them than you. After the home page, the About Us page is the most read page on a website. That’s because people want to know who they’re dealing with so you need headshots of your team, add personal interests and how you help people to build trust and rapport.
  8. Avoid stock photos. Use your own images. It’s worth getting professional photos done that are unique to your business.
  9. Add Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the bottom of all pages of your website. Some countries legally require you to have that and it helps SEO because it’s compliant with Google.
  10. Ensure your website is connected to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool). This is where your email gets captured & you can continue your marketing conversation once emails are captured.

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