Reset Your Life Day aims to transform lives

Pamela Millican

A Gold Coast author/ screenwriter, who went from poverty, abuse and abandonment in the UK to helping people transform their lives, is launching a Reset Your Life Day and Challenge straight after RU OK? Day on September 9.

The Reset Your Life Day on September 10 and Reset Your Life Challenge on September 13 gives people a pathway to reset their lives after the upheaval, disorder and struggles many have experienced during the extended Covid pandemic.

Pamela Millican’s early life was a nightmare with abject poverty, constant abuse and complete abandonment by her whole family at just 15 years of age.

“I came home to a completely empty house; everything I owned was gone,” Ms Millican said.

“While the torment and horror didn’t stop there, I refused to let any of it destroy me. Their neglect became my source of strength and power. People really do not need to suffer.”

The author of Making Broken Beautiful shares her story of how she overcame unspeakable challenges to being an elite athlete, sought-after snowboard instructor, winning business awards and gaining a law degree while proactively raising two daughters.  

Known as The Reset Reformer, she has created a 5-step RESET your Life System to support people as they heal, nurture and grow, especially during the current climate. RESET stands for…

  1. Recognise – The first step to healing is to understand where you are now, why you want to change, what your triggers are and how they are keeping you stuck. 
  2. Evaluate – Assess different areas of your life and identify what you need to change or who you need to let go of to give you the freedom to grow and thrive.
  3. Specify – Set a clear intention on how you are going to make those changes and stay focused and committed when life gets challenging.
  4. Evolve – Now is the time to embody the changes and allow your goals to take shape so that real progress becomes possible.
  5. Transform – Finally, we create a step-by-step process to take positive action towards your goals and create momentum to maintain the results you truly want.

“Many people don’t explore who they are or discover their full potential,” she said. 

“They live limited lives based on past experiences, how others have treated them or trying to fulfill unrealistic expectations put on by themselves or others. 

“There has never been a better time than now to reinvent yourself, take your power back and regain control over your own life. Human beings have the most incredible potential but very few ever realise theirs. That’s why I have taken the last 18 months to create the Reset Your Life system. I want to help you live your life by design rather than default and uncover your true self, just the way I did.”

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