Love Seekers on the Prowl during Covid

Tracey Korman

A Gold Coast matchmaking service has found more people pursuing their love dreams since Covid as it celebrates 25 years in business on November 6, 2020.

Two’s Company founder Tracey Korman has gone from being physically, mentally and emotionally abused, depressed and ripped off $300,000 in business to run one of only 2% of businesses surviving 25 years in business. Her dating service has helped create 210 weddings that she knows of and thousands of relationships since 1995.
“Covid has led to more people pursuing their love dreams,” Ms Korman said.
“It’s not about having a big house, business and paying bills. People are realising the importance of having a loving relationship. They want to have a beautiful love journey as part of their future.”

She is launching a series of 25 Tips to Live your Best Life and Find Lasting Love in line with the company’s official 25h Anniversary Celebration online on November 6 from 3-5pm AEST.

The free celebration event will feature guest speakers Anastasha Grace, who will speak about ‘Creating a power couple. How to keep your relationship amazing over time’.

PrimaSkin Australasia National Sales Manager Michael Firth will speak about a revolutionary new anti-ageing beauty product. The event will be emceed by Aldwyn Altuney, aka Media Queen, and there will be 25 giveaways for live viewers on Facebook and YouTube to celebrate the company’s 25 years.

Ms Korman will also present her 25 tips and talk about how the business and love has changed over the years.

Her top five tips to find love are:

  1. Self love/ self care- To find love, people must be right within themselves and be in a happy place. Learn to love yourself first.
  2. Learn about relationships and what makes them work
  3. Follow those learnings eg. Don’t lose yourself/ over-invest yourself in a new-found love and focus on your own happiness/ life and what you enjoy doing
  4. Be completely honest with yourself and others
  5. Always respect yourself and others in your communication with them

As for staying in business over time, her hot tips for that are:

  • Remember balance is extremely important
  • Self care/ self love has to be a priority
  • Be good with who you are and where you’re at
  • Be a great leader. You are the leader in your life and business
  • Make smart decisions to minimise drama and adversity
  • Balance
  • Take very good care of yourself mentally

“Business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do,” Ms Korman said.

“Having resilience, inner strength, coping skills and mechanisms are very important in life to survive adversity. I realised 22 years ago how wonderful that I get to bring joy to others on a day to day basis while helping them find love.

“Nowadays, I’m loving life and will continue matchmaking with joy in my heart.”

For full details on the launch and to attend, visit the Two’s Company Facebook page or

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