It’s Time For Change In The Real Estate Industry

IT’S time for change and a new Australian real estate agency is spear-heading an abundance mentality approach in the real estate industry to benefit sellers and buyers.

Conjunction Realty is breaking ground with their never-before-seen 60/40% commission split to other agencies. 

It’s a bold move that’s designed to open up the entire market, improve the chances of property owners selling at the best possible price and helping buyers find their ideal home easier.

The company is led by directors Brian Washbourne, David Bugeja and Glenn Hankinson, aka the Change Makers, who have over 100 years of combined real estate experience.

​​”We believe that some agents put themselves first and are reluctant to share commissions with other agents,” explained Mr. Bugeja. 

“The real estate industry is sometimes only focused on its own profits, while often ignoring the needs of its clients. 

“That’s why we’ve introduced our abundance mentality approach.”

The abundance mentality mindset could be a game-changer in the real estate industry, providing a service that prioritizes people over profits – something that is long overdue and much welcome.

Mr Bugeja said it was time for agencies to start collaborating together as ‘one’, for the benefit of sellers and buyers.

“There are over 133,000 real estate agents in Australia,” Mr Bugeja said. 

“It’s time for change. Let’s collaborate, not compete.”

With the abundance mentality, there will certainly be enough business to go around. These are the statistics on predicted population growth just in Queensland alone.

“Recently, an article circulated in Queensland predicted that there will be a million more people moving to the state between now and the 2032 Olympics,” Mr Washbourne said. 

“This expected population growth is unparalleled in other parts of Australia and together with the influx of 400,000 overseas migrants over the next two years, is driving demand for housing on the Gold Coast.”

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