Concerns Digital ID will erode freedom for Australians


THE Digital ID Bill which passed in the Senate recently will not make Australians safer, it will erode our freedoms, according to Gold Coast entrepreneur Melinda Richards.


Ms Richards is the guest speaker at the MyPlace Gold Coast event at the Croatian Sports Club on May 8, talking about Countering Elitism with People Power.


“If you allow the digital ID, you will have given away every single part of your freedom,” Ms Richards said.


“You will never have freedom of movement, money, financial freedom, bodily autonomy, social freedom and no freedom of speech. Every part of the human condition will be controlled.”


She said something as important as a digital ID should have gone through a referendum, not just passed through the Senate with no public consultation, as happened on March 27, 2024. 


“Politicians are cowards because they knew it wouldn’t pass,” she said. 

“It’s up to the citizens now to say ‘we did not vote for that’. We live in a democracy supposedly. This proves we don’t live in a democracy.”


Ms Richards is the author of the thought-provoking book, ‘You Can’t Say That! – The demise of free thought in Australia’. She is concerned about what’s in store for future generations and is passionate about helping the world go from woke to being awake and encouraging people to speak up.

“Our job as citizens of this country is to leave the country in a better place than whence we found it and if we allow this kind of dystopian nightmare to enter into our children’s and grandchildren’s lives, we have not done our job,” she said. 


“We have allowed our laziness and fear to take over from making the world a better place for future generations. Freedom is a right that we owe future generations.”


She recommends that the public quickly get informed about digital ID which is currently voluntary, do not conform when the time comes, keep sharing on social media and with friends, participate in the pushback and let your federal politician know that you are actively opposed to the digital ID.


A University of Queensland graduate with a career spanning over 30 years, she has worked in the UK, USA and Australia for ASX listed companies in logistics, shipping and property development and government owned corporations, as well as in state and local government.  She now runs her own group with interests in real estate, service industry and the agricultural sector.


“Be fearless – don’t be afraid to hold on to your core belief that you don’t want to be controlled,” she said.


‘You Can’t Say That’ is available at

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