Breaking the rent trap: Abundance mentality key to beat housing crisis

Conjunction Realty revolutionises real estate: Empowering buyers to overcome Australia’s housing crisis



As Australia’s housing crisis worsens and annual rent increases hit record highs in our major cities, the need for solutions to avoid being left out in the cold is critical. Fortunately, Conjunction Realty has emerged as a leading player in the real estate industry, dedicated to helping individuals become financially independent through property investment.


Conjunction Realty director David Bugeja is a driving force behind the company’s mission, with a passion for empowering people to become property owners. 

Mr Bugeja has set an impressive example, going from having no properties at the age of 36 to owning 30 properties over 9 years. 


He has also made it his mission to have his three sons acquire properties by the age of 20, with two already achieved and the third currently in the works.

Together with co-founders Brian Washbourne and Glenn Hankinson, collectively known as the Change Makers, Conjunction Realty is leading a change in the real estate industry to benefit sellers and buyers. 


“Mindset is one of the biggest issues and inflexibility, where people don’t think beyond their first property to their dream property,” Mr Bugeja said.


“Never give up on your dreams but be flexible, creative and persistent about how you attain your dreams. You can’t go from where you are to a dream property straight away. It may take a few years.”


Conjunction Realty is breaking ground with their never-before-seen 60/40% commission split to other agencies on properties they list for sale. 


“Most agencies tend not to conjunct at all and if they do, on occasion, it is typically 20%. We have been offering 40% to other agencies from day 1,” Mr Bugeja said. 

Conjunction Realty’s 60/40% abundance mentality approach is unprecedented and shows their commitment and dedication to helping sellers and buyers achieve their property goals.


Mr Bugeja stresses that the property journey must begin with an open mindset towards flexible approaches and achievable stepping-stones to ownership, allowing individuals to overcome the mental barriers that keep them trapped in renting. 

“It’s never a lack of time or money that’s the problem, it’s the lack of ideas and flexibility,” he said.


“If you want to change your financial results, you have to change what you do, what you think and what you feed your mind. The more time you give yourself, the less risks you need to take because you have more time for the property to grow in value. There are options out there – they all involve effort, discipline and thinking.

“While some people say it can’t be done, there are people doing it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”For more details, visit

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