Author helps community leave a legacy with free webinar series

Aldwyn Altuney & Jacqx Melilli

An award-winning Gold Coast author will help the community leave a legacy and share their story in 2021 by launching a free webinar series from January 21. Jacqx Melilli, aka the Word Whisperer, said she had heard so many awesome stories over the years, particularly from the elderly, and found that most people procrastinated and never shared their story. “These stories will be lost forever if they are not written down,” Ms Melilli said. “Many people make new year’s resolutions to write a book. I want to support them in that process to make sure it happens this year.” To help people leave a legacy, her free one-hour webinar series, called ‘Writing your Memoir’ will kick off on January 21 at 7.30pm AEST. “Covid is a reminder that life can change in a moment. Leaving behind a legacy allows you to leave your mark in history,” she said. Ms Melilli migrated to Australia from France at the age of five. She was enrolled in school without understanding a word of English which made it very hard to make friends, let alone understand the teacher. Considering she spoke French and Spanish at home, it took a little while for her to learn English. When she did, she found that she had a gift for storytelling. She graduated from Deakin University with a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature and has had several publications including stage plays, educational books on filmmaking and theatre production, poetry, short stories and film scripts. Her plays and short films won several awards. These are part of Jacqx’s legacy, as well as her upcoming debut novel, Rogues and Vagabonds. “I’m passionate about assisting others to leave behind a legacy that will ensure they’ll be remembered for decades and beyond,” Ms Melilli said. “Leaving their mark, even if it’s just for their family, gives people a sense that their life mattered.” As a writing coach and editor, Ms Melilli has been privileged to work with very inspiring people who have overcome challenges and want to share their experiences. Writing their book has been life-changing for some. “The process of collating life events can take months or even years,” she said. “It’s a very personal journey that is incredibly therapeutic on an emotional level. It can sometimes be painful and overwhelming to recall the difficult times and the urge to stop can leave people in limbo but those who have persisted have not regretted the benefits of having a finished product they can be proud of.” In the webinar on January 21, topics covered will include how to write an autobiography or memoir; document the growth of your business, write poetry or songs and leave a visual legacy through digital storytelling.

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