Artificial intelligence dangerous for budding authors

WHILE artificial intelligence (AI) may have led to a boom in AI-written ebooks on Amazon, there are many pitfalls in using it for non-fiction books.

Global Publishing Group CEO Andrew Carter said while people have been getting excited about the ChatGPT artificial intelligence software, which can generate blocks of text from simple prompts, it will never be able to tell a person’s story.

“We are losing our humanity and losing trust in people,” Mr Carter said.

“AI can’t share your personal story which then disconnects the reader from you. People will do more worthless ebooks. This will devalue ebooks more, which will make a real book stand out further.”

He said AI would lead to the ‘dumbing down of society’. For example, just like what mobile phones did to people remembering phone numbers or gps led to people now having trouble reading maps.

“People want to hear your voice,” he said.

“84% of the western world have a book in them. Unfortunately, most die with that book in them or unrealised. There is a simple way to do a book. We can show you how to create the entire content for a book in under three hours, rather than six months as people may expect.”

Global Publishing Group is Australia’s only entrepreneurial publisher, founded in Melbourne in 2007.

“As a percentage of authors published, we have created the highest number of best selling authors,” he said. 

“We have the insider knowledge, systems, resources and distribution network to make that happen time after time. We teach would-be authors about the ‘game behind the game’ so they can generate tens of thousands of dollars before their book is even published and a lot more after it is.

“If you want to be seen as an authority in your field, it won’t be with an e-book. To establish real credibility, you need a physical book.”

He said when people wrote books, they gained confidence, worked on their inner issues and helped boost their finances.

“It changes people’s lives,” he said. 

“One man we worked with went from doing a mundane job to pay the bills to earning $1 million a year in his own business after he did his book. This is the game behind the game. It revolutionalises people’s lives.

“We provide the number one strategy for taking any business to the next level. We make the business and the business owner stand out among all competition, position them as the go-to authority and gain them far more clients or customers than they ever could without this tool.”

Global Publishing Group is hosting a three-day Publish for Profit Workshop for Business Owners at Voco Brisbane from March 24 to 26. Mr Carter will host the workshop and will be joined by special guest speaker Sharon Jurd.

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