Animal Action Day for Dogs online show saving dogs from death row on Dec 30

The event will raise funds for SEQ K9 Rescue – a no-kill non-profit charity that has rescued 2159 dogs Australia-wide from death row since its inception in 2015 13 performers and speakers from the Gold Coast to Los Angeles will help save dogs from being killed at the Animal Action Day for Dogs on December 30, 2021, from 10am to 3pm AEST (Queensland).
Animal Action Events founder Aldwyn Altuney said the free Animal Action Day for Dogs marked the 15th annual Animal Action event to raise awareness, appreciation and respect for all animals and a Part 2 of the 2020 Animal Action Night for Dogs.

The 2021 crowd-funding campaign through will raise funds for SEQ K9 Rescue – a no-kill non-profit charity that has rescued 2159 dogs Australia-wide from death row since its inception in 2015.

90% of these came from council pounds where dogs, if not claimed in two to seven days of entry, are often euthanised.

The event will be held online and live-streamed to the Animal Action Events Facebook page and Media Queen TV on YouTube.

Performers include Glenn Barry, who will do an acknowledgment to country, Bobby Runningfox, Alana Fitzgerald, Len Morgan, Ranger Nick, Neni Carolina-Chacin from the US and Alfred Zerfas from Melbourne.

Aldwyn Altuney will emcee and speakers include SEQ K9 Rescue president/ founder Lisa Barton, Rescue volunteers Nicole Moio and Pam Whitwell, Land of the Free celebrity author/ producer/ multi award-winner Lynn Santer and animal communicator, animal medium, author, healer and podcast host Annie Bourke.

Ms Barton said funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards opening an adoption centre where volunteers can attend training sessions and a space where open days and fundraisers can be held.

“I personally bought two acres three years ago in Cedar Vale, south of Brisbane, but that does not give us enough space to move the rescue to the next stage,” Ms Barton said.

“Our dream is to move on to acreage where we can set up pens to house dogs who require training, socialisation skills and/ or waiting for an available foster carer.

“We can help save so many more lives if we had a base to work from. To bring rescue out of the dark into the light with more education. Everything counts when an animal’s life is at stake.”

The world’s first Animal Action Day was founded on the Gold Coast in 2007 by animal lover and AA Xposé Media Director/ Photojournalist Aldwyn Altuney. The events are held annually, often during World Animal Week from October 4-10, and raise funds for different animal charities each year.

The event aims to encourage people to take action for animals, even in small ways. You can do this by making healthy choices while shopping – buying cruelty-free; reducing your consumption of animal products or becoming vegetarian or vegan. You can also write to your local, state or federal elected rep to convey views on animal protection; volunteer with animal organisations; write a letter to the editor of your local papers; recycle and compost at home and express concerns to food companies and supermarkets that are involved in sustaining animal suffering.

“Together, we can all make a difference for animals and the environment,” Aldwyn said.

Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given away to people who donate to the cause. For every $50 donated, an extra ticket will be given into the draw for the donor.

For more details, call 0409 895 055 or visit and the Facebook page ‘Animal Action Events‘.

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Register for the live event on Eventbrite and Facebook.

It will be live-streamed to the Animal Action Events Facebook page and to Media Queen TV on YouTube.

Your live comments are welcome during the stream and may be shared on-screen during the broadcast.

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