19,000 animal cruelty cases expected this Christmas

Annie Bourke

A Brisbane author/ animal communicator is out to reduce the 19,000 animal cruelty cases expected in Queensland this Christmas by raising global consciousness about animals. Brisbane international best-selling author and animal communicator/ medium Annie Bourke is concerned about the annual pattern of increased animal abandonment and pressure on shelters during the festive season. “A 2020 RSPCA Queensland investigation reports that there are over 19,000 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect annually and reports of abandoned animals make up many of these complaints,” Ms Bourke said. “While people are out crazily Christmas shopping for family and friends, all that our animals want is security, safety and the ongoing love of their forever family.” Having had conversations with hundreds of animals living and in spirit to convey messages between them and their carers, Ms Bourke (aka Cosmic Communicator) said animals relied on their carers to love them as part of their family. “You are their world and being rejected has significant emotional and mental impacts for them which foster and future families may then have to assist with,” she said. “Many people purchase animals as gifts during Christmas, but do not take into account if the person receiving the animal has the capacity to provide love, time and space. People need to commit emotionally and financially to being a carer for the animal’s lifetime.” Cats have been known to live up to 38 years of age and dogs up to 20 years. Ms Bourke is passionate about being a voice and advocate for animals and supports people who have experienced the loss of an animal with great compassion. She enjoys discovering animal wisdom and enables people to better understand animal behaviour and health issues so they can enhance the quality of their pet’s life. She has communicated accurately with animals internationally and passed messages on to zookeepers from the animals so they are aware of any issues affecting them. “As animals hold so much wisdom, I am able to hear what they want to share and ensure that their messages are heard,” she said. “I love supporting the healing/ wellbeing of animals and humans and combine my spiritual gifts to provide intuitive healing support. Often animals take on symptoms for their carers so healing may be needed for both.” Intrigued by people’s spiritual purpose and soul evolution journey, Annie is a certified clinical aromatherapist, crystal therapist, reiki master, angel intuitive, medical intuitive, clairvoyant and medium. Her first book and international best-seller, The Bridge to Animal Consciousness, was released on August 8, 2018. Through this, Annie aims to raise global consciousness about animals, why they are here, how they help us and how we can help them. Her second book and number one Amazon best-seller, Evolving Hearts and Souls – The Guide to Spiritual Awakening, was released on September 2, 2018. “I wrote my second book to support those on their spiritual awakening path and to demystify some of the weird phenomena that may be experienced, based on my personal journey and studies,” she said. Annie aims to run a retreat venue/ animal sanctuary where people can attend courses and access healing modalities for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues.

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